Field Marshall Dodge and his associate SubcomanDeejay Maurice work to bring freedom and equality to the people of Maine.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Main site coming soon.

SubcomanDeejay Maurice and I will have the full, main site up in a week or so-- mostly Maurice 'cause he's the computer guy. It will have a full bio, some activism alerts, some information about things that you need to know about and some rebuttals to criticisms and lies that the Powers That Be have been spreading about me.

We're going to try and get some MP3s on the site, but, as you know, I had to sign to a label to get the Word Out, and the label ain't crazy about me distributing my stuff for free on the Internet. I want people to hear my message, but The Man controls the distribution channels. But we will have music up as soon as we can reach an agreement with Damn!-Riscotta records about how to do it.


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